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Department of Applied Foreign Language Studies is mainly responsible for the College English teaching for both undergraduates and postgraduates, the second foreign language teaching for English majors, the intensive English training for Sino-foreign cooperative programmes, thetailored English courses for various featured programmes,and theafter-class remedial Englishfor those in need. Itssubsidiary bodies include a General Office and three teaching groups, namely, General English I, General English II and Integrated Foreign Language Group. In addition, it hassuch internal organs as general affairs committee, teaching affairs committee and academic committee, assisting in daily management and functioning. The Department currently has 47 staff members, of whom 45 full-time teachers including 1 professor, 18 associate professors and 27 lecturers, and 2 administrators.Among the faculty, there are 7 Ph.D or Ph.D candidates.

The Department always adheres to our school’s educational philosophy of "distinguishing features, high quality and internationalization” and“loving students first and cultivating students foremost". We work hard to relentlessly push forward teaching reform and innovation according to the talent-training scheme of NAU. Our Department persists in a graded College English teaching mode and sets courses according to students’ varied starting levels. We combine language teaching with the ideological upgradingof students in order to turn them into reasonable as well as knowledgeable talentswith an aim to strengthen their basic language skills, promote their all-round development and cultivate high-quality talents at large.

Meanwhile, we open the second foreign language courses, i.e. German, Japanese, French, for English majors. We also have IELTS course and Bridge English classesfor Sino-foreign cooperative programs to better prepare students for studying abroad in the future. Likewise, some specialized language courses are offered for featured programmes to help students learn professional courses in English. In addition to classroom teaching and learning, we persist in organizing some extra-curricular activities, such as providingEnglish tutoring for individual students, organizingcompetitions and cultural activities to create a rich and colorful atmosphere for foreign language learning. In recent years, the CET4 passing rate of our university has increased year by year, reaching above 98% and students have achieved remarkable results in various national college English contests.

In the future,Department of Applied Foreign Language Studies will continue to explore a featured teaching mode, vigorously promote teaching efficiency, tailor teaching and training according to personalized needs and enrich our campus culture so as to make greater contribution to the cultivation of inter-disciplinary talents with international vision. 

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